It is CONFIRMED baby!  We’ll be at PAX Australia in November!

Okay, there’s so much to do in preparation.

We’ve got a booth. A tiny, adorable, perfect booth in which we will show you our work. We’re sure it will be a great experience but it will be made even greater if you come along to say hi and try out Fiend Legion. Team Marketing will also be hard at work making sure there are heaps of fun things to do and cool ways for you to share and give valuable feedback. We’ll also be running a competition leading up to PAX. But more on that later.

Right now, we just want to tell you that we’re so proud to be a part of the community. You’re all so cool. Every time we meet you we are blown away by how creative, thoughtful and genuine you are.Your feedback will help us to create the best possible version of Fiend Legion. Something we can all be proud of. And from there…who knows. First Australia then the World.

We know our game will be in good hands.Literally.

Okay okay I’m getting all soppy now. I’ve got work to do. Ttyl.


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