Hello there, my name is Jake and I’m Spree Entertainment’s newest team member.

Well I’m the intern, but from day one the team at Spree has been friendly and open with me, making me feel just like one of them. I’ve loved working with them in the short amount of time that I have been here.

With this being my work placement unit for uni I’ve gotten to really see how an indie studio works. Theory and all is good but nothing beats going out there and seeing it and experiencing first hand.

Since Spree Entertainment is a small group with only five in the whole team, not including me, seeing each one of them fill out the roles matching the much bigger studios is just awesome to watch and I can now see why at uni they taught as that you shouldn’t rely on just one skill set.

As the intern at Spree, I’ve had to adapt to their work methods which means I’ve had to do all sorts of things that the team needed help with before we hit PAX Australia at the end of this month. This has included researching, liasing with Spree’s communications coordinator (who is forcing asking me to write this blog),organizing QA testers and more. But this has all been fun for me as I get to work with the team and see the game be upgraded from all the feedback.

Speaking of the game, I love it, like really love it, people keep asking me what I’m working on for my placement and I give them the description of the game and 93% of the time they are like, “So can we play it now?” and I must tell them each and every time not yet, but soon (wink wink release date soon? wink wink) so as for you that follow the development of this game, you should be looking forward to some major improvements that have been implemented over the last few weeks and with our QA tests running right now it’s only going to get better, so keep an ear out for future updates!

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