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Wow, first post, little nervous. This is like a first date with…the entire world. A little about us?

We’re from Melbourne, completely games crazy. We love them. LOVE them. We’ll play anything we can get our hands on. Of course we were going to start our own studio.  Melbourne is such an inspirational creative hub to be a part of when it comes to the games industry. Everywhere you turn there are creators, innovators, and also pizza.

We want to make games that we love to play. That might mean a story-driven single player campaign, or a multiplayer battle among friends and strangers. In the case of our first game- both! We’re young and ambitious and we just want to be friends with everyone.

Our next game could be anything and that’s so EXCITING. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves- first thing’s first. And our first thing is Fiend Legion.  When we first knew that we wanted to make our own video game we just asked ourselves; what did we love? what would we want to play? Collectible Card Games really stood out. Plus, a childhood of pokemon and harry potter really got us into the whole monster thing.

We’ll give a whole post over to the specifics, but for now we’ll just give a brief overview. Fiend Legion is a dark fantasy CCG set in an alternate realm. You will use the captured souls of fearsome beasts (our monster cards) to build your own legion capable of defeating all others for the control of the realm. The game will be cross-platform, so both PC and mobile gamers can join us in our fun.

As Fiend is our first game, we’d be lying if we said we weren’t really really emotionally invested. As a studio, we have put ourselves into this game, both creatively and professionally.  Days have been spent debating names, items and the seemingly insignificant details. But we’re proud of that. We live for the detail of it all.

One last thing: as the disembodied voice responsible for keeping you informed and updated, I am the most frequent point of contact when it comes to Spree-Community relations. Yours truly will be the voice you hear in social media, blogs, newsletters and other general communications. You can call me Hype, nice to meet you. Hopefully i’ll get to meet you at an event some time soon 🙂 Questions? Comments? I am here for you, friends.

As time goes on you’ll get to meet the whole team so don’t worry. On that note if there’s anything you want to hear about, I’m open to blog suggestions. Send through your topic via social media.

Thank you. Thank you. We’re so excited.


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