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Fiend Legion was one of the select few to receive Film Victoria’s Assigned Production Investment funding! We’re proud to stand alongside eight other fantastic indie games that received official support from FilmVic! Now we have access to extra resources that will help us to produce the best game we can. Our hope is that with this extra help, we can really raise the production value of Fiend Legion. We have a comprehensive plan for the future of Fiend and we can’t wait to see it through with all of you.

In the coming year, we’ll be launching our Steam Greenlight and Kickstarter campaigns for Fiend Legion. A lot of preparation has gone into planning the materials for these campaigns as well as the game itself. We have a trailer being made at the moment that we really think will help boost awareness of our game, as well as give you a taste of what the game will play like, as well as the story and atmosphere of the world we’ve built.

We’ll be able to share all these with you early next year! We wouldn’t even have got to this point if it weren’t for your great feedback and the hard work of our team. A special shout-out to all the indie devs in Melbourne and China that have given us advice and support over the past year. This phase of building and refining Fiend Legion has been tough-it took us so long to even pick a name haha! But ultimately we’ve learnt so much from this initial phase, and now we’re ready to take the next step.

One last thing- we’re looking for play testers in early Jan. If you’re in the Melbourne area, get in touch!

As we move forward, we’ll be sure to post our progress right here on our blog and through social. So, stay tuned for updates. Check it out here:

And hey, if you haven’t had a chance to have a look at our Steam Concepts page, let us know what you think!

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