Hey all, here’s a quick update on what we’ve been up to in the past few months:

  • We’re getting creative! Our launch trailer is in production as we speak. The animations have been completed and now we are on the lookout for an audio genius and composer to write the music and record some amazing voiceover to really make the story come to life.¬†This is one of the earliest versions of the Fiend story that we have, and we’re keen to see how it turns out. We’re new to this, so sometimes it feels like we’re testing narrative elements like we’re testing game elements. The story is simple, but we’re hoping that if we embrace the drama of it 100% then that will encourage players to embrace it. This means that as well as the trailer, we’ve also got story elements being created for the single-player campaign, Kickstarter rewards and additional content that will continue to be updated here on our blog.
  • Our final milestone report is being looked at by Film Vic, so that means we are officially on the home stretch! They’re going to take a look at the alpha build of Fiend Legion and then it is our turn to make changes and get some of you on board as playtesters. We’ll be organising that search in a couple of weeks, hopefully it should help us iron out all the major bugs before we do our beta launch.
  • After we’ve finished ironing out all we can gameplay-wise, or focus is going to shift to developing high-quality assets for the game and world of Fiend Legion. So, this will mean expanding the card deck with new monsters and items that have the same cool, gothic art style that we have established. We’re also going to be investing some time and money into an epic soundtrack and writing in-game story elements that will enhance the game.
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