The last few months have seen some major shake-ups to Fiend Legion’s gameplay. Today we’re talking Heroes.


The static towers that used to frame our gameboard are gone, and have been replaced with moveable, active Hero units.


Heroes have their own unique personality and powers, and can be moved around the board like regular units.


Each Hero has a special power that you can use to turn the tide of a match. You can find these powers at the top of the screen near your avatar.


To activate a Hero power,  press the Hero Avatar icon. A circular bar around the icon indicates the power’s recharge time. Hero energy is automatically generated each turn and can also be gained from killing enemy units.


Each power will have a different resource cost and recharge time.


Some may seem more powerful, but the cost will be higher.


When choosing a Hero, make sure their power fits with the strategy you want to use.

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