Name: Caedos
Rank: Squad Leader
Type:  Monster (Warrior Class)

Caedos is the first opponent our hero will face when you begin the single-player campaign of Fiend Legion. He is in charge of the Forest of Isolation, the Westernmost Island of the other-world called the Voidlands.

The region is full of magical traps and home to the Goblin tricksters. Hundreds of years ago, the island used to be lush and vibrant, but the goblins have weaved their dark magic into the trees, and now the forest runs thick and dangerous, with almost no light reaching the ground. Squads of Goblins make their home in the hollowed out trees, waiting for any traveler that gets lost in the forest.

Caedos lives in the very center of the Forest of Isolation, in a giant tree whose trunk is white and rotting but kept standing with magic. He patrols on Pazkol, his beast of war. He is known to charge at opponents, cutting them down in an instant with his Waraxe and keeping their head as a trophy.

Only a few have ever challenged him directly. Before an opponent can even make it to Caedos, they must first fight their way through the Forrest of Isolation, surviving the magical traps and legions of Goblins fighting for Caedos.

But if anyone ever did defeat Caedos, or any other ruler of the Voidlands, they would be forced to fight for their new master. This mysterious magical contract weaved into the magic of the land is about to reveal itself to our hero.



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