Spree Entertainment is an indie games development studio from Melbourne, Australia.

At Spree, our goal is to create games that challenge the player and build community. We’re driven by the questions: What’s fun? What’s cool? What do gamers love?  Our games will combine challenging gameplay with a cool style.

Our fist trading card game (TCG), Fiend Legion is on the way.

We also have an ambitious plan for network play and community building. So follow our blog to get the latest on development news. What we’re creating is a world where the players have a hand in building the lore. Spree wants you to be able to create your own stories within the game world.  

Our Team

Spree Entertainment believes that to create something great, you need a well-rounded team of the best people. That’s why our team of boasts not only industry experienced software engineers but also artists and communications professionals. We want our company culture to not only reflect the unique environment that surrounds us, but the shared passion we have as gamers.