28/08/2021 - Fiend Legion NFT is now on Rarible.

Support us to bring Fiend Legion back!

Yes that's right, our first NFT has finally landed on Rarible!

Our first art piece titled Abgal is now available for sale here on Rarible.

Abgal was the first character we created for our small deck of collectible cards in our indie game Fiend Legion. Buyer of Abgal will unlock the link to the original Adobe Photoshop file which contains detailed layers of each iteration of the hand drawn sketches that evolved and developed over time which eventually became the Abgal you see. Your bid will help fund the future come-back of Fiend Legion, our dream of creating a great CCG to be played and enjoyed by everyone around the world.

Follow us on Rarible for updates on our other limited pieces of original artwork. Thank you!


29/08/2018 - Tokyo Game Show Press Release
TYPE B - BOOTH: 9-B08 TYPE A: 9-A04

Underdog eSport entry set to revamp the card game market at Tokyo Game Show

Fiend Legion CCG is the small indie game about to take on the global world of eSport at Tokyo Game Show. The underdog studio of four developers from Melbourne, Australia is debuting their large-scale competitive strategy game in open beta.

Fiend Legion is a high-stakes, fast-paced strategic card game played on stunning digital boards that challenge players with traps and terrain changes. It invites players to become the ultimate battle strategist as they compete against each other in intense PVP matches.

The small development team have designed the game with eSport in mind, saying that guild and tournament functionality are features planned for full release. “Our hope is that we can build Fiend Legion matches into something large-scale and dramatic. In Beta we’ll begin to test tournaments, so that at launch we can build competitions worthy of eSport.” said Andrew Lau, Director of the team at Spree Entertainment.

The CCG-cross-digital board game will be released on mobile and PC, with cross- platform functionality.

“Fiend Legion can be played in many modes, from casual to competitive. But, because of the depth of gameplay, the game is perfect for eSport, and we’d love to see players adopt this competitive mentality.” He said.

The game is set for full release in mid-2019.

Key Facts

Genre: Strategy, Card Game, Board Game, Fantasy

Development Stage: Open Beta starts September 2018

Release Date: Full release planned mid-2019

Platforms: Android and IOS, PC (Cross-platform gameplay)

Game Intro

Fiend Legion is a high-stakes, fast-paced strategic card game played on stunning digital boards that challenge players with traps and terrain changes.

In Fiend Legion, players become the ultimate battle strategist as they challenge each other to intense PVP matches.

Players choose from a variety of mighty Heroes - each with a distinctive power and personality- to head their army. They then use custom deck-building to create a legion of monsters that fits their personal play-style and experiment with strategies.

Studio Intro

Spree Entertainment is small studio of strategy game enthusiasts from Melbourne, Australia. Spree’s goal is to make games that create global communities and challenge players.

The team of four are about to launch their debut title, Fiend Legion CCG. The team hopes to grow FL into a global eSport and build a community of gamers passionate about all things strategy.


www.spreeentertainment.com (includes press kit)

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